A CPAP Cleaner It Doesn’t Take Up You Entire Nightstand!

A CPAP Cleaner It Doesn’t Take Up You Entire Nightstand!

The VirtuCLEAN CPAP Cleaner automatically cleans your CPAP or Bilevel Machine utilizing Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, also in only half an hour. Simply connect your CPAP or bi-level system to the VirtuCLEAN, turn on it, and walk off. During this 30 minute time frame VirtuCLEAN kills 99% of illness causing pathogens such as bacteria mold and viruses that grow in water chamber, hose and the CPAP mask.

Even the VirtuCLEAN measures only 4.75″ L x 3.75″ W x 2.12″ H, taking up very little nightstand distance and can easily be transported anywhere. As opposed to needing to worry about an electric outlet or even the voltage the VirtuCLEAN runs to a rechargable lithium ion battery with a 10 yr lifetime. Each charge should provide you a minimum of 7 full cleaning cycles before requiring recharging. Recharging is straightforward through an AC outlet using the USB adapter or through any interface.

Did you realize…

Dirty CPAP equipment can cause you to get sick. The dirty CPAP equipment can contain.

Getting atmosphere therapy using a cluttered CPAP machine can trigger several symptoms such as: respiratory ailments that are different, sore throat , congestion, tooth & lung irritation, coughing, and even skin discomforts.

An increased quantity of moisture will be produced within the tubing if you make use of a CPAP mask having a heated detergent. While heated humidifiers help you get appropriate therapy at temperatures…they’re also able to become saturated in bacteria, viruses and notably mold. Maintaining your equipment aerated, dry and disinfected is to relish nutritious atmosphere therapy.

By cleaning the CPAP device this doesn’t mean your equipment is clean. A CPAP device can attract germs and viruses from the environment in your face / around orally and picking up these germs from skin.

Compare the VirtuCLEAN
By simply applying o zone to purge VirtuCLEAN and soClean both offer 99 percent CPAP equipment sanitizing without chemicals or water. While SoClean achieves this process in one step due to its larger size, VirtuCLEAN employs a two step process (first wash the tubing and mask , next the machine) as a way to generate the cleanup equipment extremely portable. SoClean also requires you to pre-wash your own CPAP equipment and needs replacement filters which cost $30 every 6 weeks. The cleaning cycle takes two hours to the SoClean while the two step cleaning cycle may be completed using an VirtuCLEAN in about a hour. No more adaptors to get a specific new CPAP machine are all necessary with all the VirtuCLEAN. Additionally the SoClean does not operate on battery power, and must be plugged into work. In the event that you travel and are searching for a cleaner, try the VirtuCLEAN on the SoClean. The SoClean is marginally pricier than the VirtuCLEAN as well.

How To Use the VirtuCLEAN:

Either charge the battery prior to use or plug cord into an 120V socket.

Twist your CPAP hose attached to the VirtuCLEAN unit.

Place the mask (mounted on hose) in the tote comprised with your VirtuCLEAN.

If your CPAP has a hose do another:

Twist the VirtuCLEAN in to the end of the hose that will not have the electric conectors onto it (end of hose where glue is attached).

Place the conclusion of the hose that has connectors onto it inside the tote included with your VirtuCLEAN as well as your CPAP mask loose and zip it up.
For more info follow this link : VirtuCLEAN CPAP

Power your unit and wait half an hour to your own cleanup cycle to be done. 5 beeps will indicate the conclusion of the cleaning cycle. wills automatically turn off by the finish of the cleaning cycyle.

Remove the mask from the bag and also detach it.

Connect the CPAP hose into the humidifier and then turn on the system.