American Sports Nutrition Information

All athletes, no matter who they are or where they are, want to make it to the top and become that exceptional sportsman in their chosen field. All competitive athletes need to have the right nutrition and nutritional supplements to get them there, along with the other rigorous and regular training programs. Regular balanced diets and lots of water are enough most times for normal healthy individuals involved in sports for recreation and health. The competitive sportsman however, needs additional sports nutrition protein for that additional energy and nourishment.

Sports nutrition protein provides that additional strength, endurance and power for the rigorous training involved. Sports nutrition protein helps sustain this demanding schedule by nurturing the body and making it endure the harsh routine that training involves, day after day, without harming the body.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body and are found in animal products like meats, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs and in vegetable products like beans and nuts. Physicians and nutritionists recommend that protein based foods must make up twelve to fifteen percent of the body’s daily calorie intake. The enigma here is how to obtain this without all the excess bulk that comes along with natural food. Sports nutrition protein has been formulated to address exactly this problem.

Protein is what provides the body with the building blocks to create new tissues. The body however, can process only a certain amount and the additional protein not used for energy is converted and stored as fat. Sports nutrition protein however, gives the right quantity of protein needed by the body, at the moment when it is needed.

Protein requirements vary depending on the individual’s fitness level, height and weight, work regimen, intensity, duration and frequency of the exercise program. Even though the total calorie intake including carbohydrates play a role, proteins provide energy and the power to build new muscle mass.

Intense workouts cause some amount of tissue destruction which is needed to exercise the immune system. The exercising process causes the body’s natural healing process to work. This is why physical activity is so important for health. Sport nutrition protein helps the exercising by providing the protein to replace destroyed cells. New athletes need more protein compared to a maintenance dosage for long time sportsmen. Endurance athletes burn protein for energy and therefore need a higher dosage of sports nutrition protein.

Again, if sufficient calories are not provided to the body, the body will burn protein for its energy requirements, which mean destroying muscle mass. Insufficient nutrition combined with too much physical workout can cause this situation. With insufficient consumption of carbohydrates, the body will convert protein to energy when working out with low muscle glycogen levels. Glycogen is a type of glucose stored by the body. All of these problems will be solved by the use of the specially formulated sports nutrition protein. Sport nutrition will maintain the athlete in top condition without sacrificing body mass and help the athlete get to his desired goal.