Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Hypnosis to Lose Weight

You might wonder how hypnosis could resolve a weight loss problem. Typically, weight loss is best achieved through diet and exercise. Problems can often arise when following a strict diet and strict exercise becomes unbearable; with dieting and exercising, the mind usually wins and takes you off track. When the mind is not strong enough, you can quickly find yourself falling into old habbits. This is where hypnosis can help you out: giving you the right mindset to want to lose weight.

Hypnosis is a mental state; a method the hypnotherapist’s uses to open and create a new channel of communication in the mind and body, through the power of the sub-concious.

Weight loss hypnosis is used as a tool to reprogram your mind regarding eating and exercising behaviors; allowing your mind to focus on achieving your goals to achieve a more ideal weight and achieving a desirable body. A hypnotherapist commonly facilitates the hypnosis, which will put you into a different state where ideas and beliefs can be planted deep into your brain.

Hypnosis is generated through a technique known as hypnotic induction, wherein a series of instructions and suggestions are delivered to the subject to focus concentration, mental and physical relaxation and stimulate the imagination.  The subject then will feel very relaxed and will remain awake and aware; it is in this state that the part of the mind (i.e. subconscious mind) that controls habits (like eating habits, etc.) is open to constructive suggestions. When the subconscious mind gets the message, a positive behavior is stimulated through harnessing the power of imagination to see yourself doing what you must do to achieve goals.

Hypnosis can give:

Suggestions that would alter a behavior towards losing weight.

Motivation to participate in new behavioral habits that help burn calories.

Alteration on mistaken beliefs about feeling hungry when you are not hungry at all.

Connection between mind and body that will control food cravings.

Positive outlook in weight, diet and exercise.

Solutions to problem eating.

Assistance in feeling better about yourself.

Hypnosis can help with weight loss and weight management in many ways. It is very much effective when the reason you are overweight is due to overeating and lacking the will to exercise. It is the healthy diet and exercise behaviors that hypnosis can encourage. The positive behavior and habits programmed in the mind through hypnosis will have lasting effect that will help greatly in achieving weight loss goals.