Kick Your Butt Into Shape With A Fitness Boot Camp

Kick Your Butt Into Shape With A Fitness Boot Camp

A fitness boot camp is an outdoor exercise class that includes athletic and body weight exercises mixed with strength and interval training. There are many different styles of fitness boot camps that will be based on the teachers training style.

They are designed in such a way that the instructor will push those involved harder than they would normally push themselves, much like that of a military boot camp. Even though the name boot camp originated from military training, some instructors do not use intimidation in their classes but rather encouragement.

These types of classes have become quite popular because they offer a new way to get an efficient and challenging workout that is low in cost. With the right instructor, results can be seen quickly. In our fitness boot camp, you will learn how the body moves as well as technique, breathing, form and relaxation. In as little as four weeks, some people will lose up to 6% body fat and up to 10 pounds in weight.

When you join a fitness boot camp you can usually expect to meet outside, regardless of the weather. The first hour of your camp will be spent doing cardiovascular and resistance exercises, such as a slow jog, obstacle courses and body weight resistance exercises. Some of the strength elements that will be used during the classes include the use of exercise bands or dumbbells. A part of the camp will be spent on stretching while incorporating Pilates or yoga moves.

The typical fitness boot camp will offer most of the following:
1. Small groups of 6-25 people.
2. Often held in public outdoor areas.
3. Orientation. First session for filling out paperwork and going over rules and safety.
4. Warm up. Each class should begin with a warm up of 10 minutes.
5. Workout. A 30-40 minute workout.

The classes of fitness camp challenge the body as well as the mind. During the camp, you will typically get up early in the morning or come in after work and do hurdle drills, pushups, lat rows, jumping jacks and many other types of exercise circuits with little time for rest between each exercise.  They can be a great mix of hard work and fun.