Sport Supplements

Sport Supplements

No subject is more controversial in sports today than the use of anabolic steroids for gains in strength and size. There are two distinct views about anabolic steroids:

1) Athletes who use anabolic steroids and other “growth” drugs for gains in strength, trainers and few doctors who see the drugs as a means to improve power and performance, necessary in today’s competitive sports world.

2) Athletes, medical people, officials, sports watchers and concerned citizens who are increasingly alarmed about the dangers and long-term health risks, ethical considerations and often the alleged uselessness of steroids and related drugs.

Steroid usage is more closely associated with weight training than with any other athletic activity and that is why a lot of weight lifters are often unsure of what to believe. College players are using them. A surprising number of non-competitive bodybuilders are using them. Steroids have the potential of affecting an increasingly broad spectrum of ages and sports.

Many champion bodybuilders and top athletes take steroids under medical supervision. They will stay on cycle-on for a certain period, then off. Most of the serious abuse comes from would-be athletes who get them on the black market. Steroids do work, there is no denying that they do, however it is what they can bring about that is of a concern. In today’s society the idea in sports is to win – be the number one, a champion and a hero. It is very tempting to take a few pills if you knew that they can take you from number five to number one in little time.

However it is the consequences of taking steroids that are so frightening. It has been documented that the use of steroids causes a wide variety of serious health problems that range from minor side effects to serious illnesses and even death. And that is exactly why I do not use them and would never recommend anyone to try using them. There are a lot of much, much healthier ways of building muscle mass, such as using safe sports supplements which I will cover later.