What To Look For In An Air Mattress For Camping

What To Look For In An Air Mattress For Camping

If you are going on a camping trip and are tired of being cold and sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, then an air mattress for camping may be exactly what you need to make your trip an enjoyable one. They provide the portability that you get from a sleeping bag, but you can’t compare the benefits you get as far as comfort is concerned. But, to make sure you get the right kind of air bed, there are a few specific qualities you should be looking for.

The first quality you should be concerned with is how strong and durable the airbed is. Camping trips take place in pretty harsh environments, so you want to make sure you get a high quality bed, made from strong PVC vinyl. This will ensure there are no punctures after repeated inflation/deflation of the bed. Many of the Intex mattresses are known for their quality and use during camping excursions.

Next, you should make sure the air bed provides a soft and comfortable sleeping area. This is largely determined by the flocking material on top of the bed, the ability to put standard sized sheets on the bed, and the ability to adjust the firmness of the bed easily. Air mattresses with soft, velvety toppers provide some warmth to the body as opposed to lying directly on the cold PVC vinyl of the airbed.

Also, you don’t want the sheets to come off the corners and bunch up while you are in the bed. Definitely look for customer reviews to make sure actual standard sized sheets fit snuggly around the corners of the bed and stay in place.

The other component to a comfortable air bed is a built-in pump that allows you to control the firmness of the bed with the simple turn of a dial. Airbeds that use D-sized batteries or the ones that require an electric outlet are fine, depending on the availability of electric power at your camp site. Either way, you can make the bed as soft or as firm as you’d like, by adding or removing air until it is just right.

Easy Setup
The final thing to consider is how easily the camping mattress can be setup and how long it can maintain a good level of firmness. The last thing you want to be worried about when you are ready for bed is how long it takes to get the mattress inflated. Your best bet is to choose an airbed with a built-in pump. These beds generally inflate to a comfortable level in two to five minutes, and do not require you to hold an external air pump in place to get the bed inflated. With these beds, it is also very easy and quick to add a bit of air if the bed losses a little over the course of a couple of days.

Wrap Up
As you can see, an air mattress for camping purposes can be a great alternative to traditional camping sleep setups. With the added comfort, portability, and easy setup, you’ll never go back to sleeping on the cold ground in a sleeping bag.

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